The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote in namethattune,
The Enemy of the Good

Current Playlist Excerpts

1. To make do is a promise
hard to keep without help

2. We could talk about the lives we've led
And count the reasons we're not dead
Or maybe we could talk instead
About the ways in which we are

3. Mr. Sprinkler, Mr. Sprinkler
Wet me for one, Mr. Sprinkler

4. I'm feeling really cavalier

5. Sadness on your shoulders
like a worn-out overcoat

6. The firefighters are so nice
I remember you so cold as ice

7. Instead of screaming, I fell back into dreamland

8. Look here, junior, don't you be so happy,
And for Heaven's sake, don't you be so sad.

9. I'm just talking to myself
I'm just rearranging Hell

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